Withdrawal of soldiers from speaker’s office: Military Misfire

The withdrawal of four soldiers attached to the office of the Speaker of Parliament, by the Ghana Armed Forces, has brought to fore lots of intrigues and repulsive reactions.

The military, in no small way, has exposed itself as not being on top of its own affairs; as it claims that the four soldiers’ attachment to the Speaker’s Office, for close to a whole year, took place without the proper procedure.

That the Chief of Staff at the Ghana Armed Forces General Headquarters, Major-General N.P. Andoh, being the one issuing the letter withdrawing the soldiers, leaves the general public more confused.

But the whole move had taken a different twist after it emerged that the Office of Parliament, indeed, officially wrote to the Ghana Armed Forces and registered for the four soldiers, contrary to the GAF’s stated reasons.

When the move smacks of a grimy motive to put the Office of the Speaker of Parliament in to an awkward situation, the military seems to have fallen deep on its own rusty daggers.

First is the issue of who assigned the four soldiers to the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, as Parliament does not have the power to go to the military barracks to pick soldiers to be attached to the Office of the Speaker.

What this means, is that, there was no coordination among the Military High Command, after receiving the letter requesting for the four soldiers, from Office of Parliament.

Per the statement from the Ghana Armed Forces, the four soldiers attached themselves to the Office of the Speaker of Parliament without prior permission and knowledge of the Military High Command.

Apart from that; per the Ghana Armed Forces own statement, for over one year, four soldiers were performing ‘Monkey’ duties at the Office of the Speaker of Parliament and the military did not have the slightest idea about that.

Then there is the issue of whether the Provost Marshall of the Ghana Armed Forces would surmount the courage to Court-Marshall the four soldiers, if they indeed went on Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL).

By this singular act, however, the Ghana Armed Forces, in no small way, has been unmasked in what insiders say are elementary gaffes in handling the matter involving the four Soldiers attached to the Office of the Speaker of Parliament.

It is instructive to know that Major-General Andoh, who issued the statement on the recall of the soldiers from the Speaker’s Office, was from February 2021 until he became the Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, in charge of Defence Intelligence (DI), but his outfit ironically, failed in detecting that there was procedural error in sending the four soldiers to Parliament.

National Security Ministry Frail Position

Meanwhile, the National Security Ministry, in its attempts to defend the withdrawal of the four soldiers had said that personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces do not form part of the security detail for the Speaker and Parliament, as Parliamentary Security support is provided by the Ghana Police Service.

Amazingly, certain traditional rulers, pastors, Chief Executives of State Institutions and, even some officials of the National Security outfit, have military personnel as part of their security arrangements.

The Inquisitor has been hinted of a particular man of God with five military personnel around him. Three soldiers are at his church whiles the other two guards his house.

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