When Men In Cassock Smell Badly Of Hypocrisy!


They have secured themselves the cassock and they convince people with the Holy Book they hold, they a have large following and they are ‘Men of God’.

They are protected by a verse in the Bible that says ‘’Touch Not My Anointed’’ and with that bold verse, Ghanaian ‘Men of God’ in their estimation are more human than others.

In their estimation, they have the right to speak ill of others, but others don’t have any moral justification to question them when they go overboard.

Political discourses in the country over the years have had the full involvement of the clergy and their contributions have shaped events in no small ways.

Some of the members of the clergy, especially the ones from the Orthodox Churches, not too long ago, were more than people contesting for political positions.

The Catholic Bishops Conference, for instance, was more vocal and critical during the National Democratic Congress (NDC) era.

Today, the Bishops are quiet and, in a “See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil” mode, are so much fascinated with the ills going on under the current political dispensation that they are refusing to talk.

Hypocritically, the Catholic Bishops Conference says that they are not talking about the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government in public because there are alternative means of engaging the government when the Bishops want to alert the system of its shortfalls.

According to the General Secretary of the Conference, Very Reverend Father Lazarus Anondee, criticizing the Akufo-Addo administration, as they did to the John Mahama administration, would make the Conference sound like an opposition party.

Then former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Very Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, came out with a position that Pastors and Christians should stay away from politics.

He was of the view that Christian organisations and churches must use the Bible as a tool for moral conscience of the government and political leaders, but not to use it to engage in partisan politics.

The Catholic Bishops Conference and Prof. Martey have displayed that they could shift positions when the atmosphere is good for them and that makes them dangerous ‘Men of God.’

The position of the Bishops and utterances of Prof. Martey in the past and what they are saying today is an indication that, as the clergy, they are have failed to treat and reorganize all men as equal, something which is against Christianity.

Leaders of ‘one man’ churches could shift the posts anyhow, but when heads of Orthodox churches are engaged in such serious acts then there is a real problem.

If today, Prof. Martey, who had the impudence to ask for a government of ‘wise men’ could call on Christians to stay away from politics, it means that he could not be trusted to take ownership of his position on national issues.

Prof. Martey’s claim that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) tried to bribe him with a Land Cruiser vehicle and $100,000 is something that is fresh on the minds of Ghanaians and his current position on political discourses and how Christians should not be part of the discourses is making most people to doubt the authenticity of his claims.

As for the Catholic Bishops Conference, its integrity and credibility have been in suspension over the years and its present handling of government with kids’ gloves only confirms the long held suspicion.

There is nothing wrong shifting positions on issues, but when Christian leaders take strange decisions that impugn on their honesty, the congregations they are leading should be extremely careful.

Prof. Martey and the Catholic Bishops Conference have proved to be Men in Cassock badly smelling of hypocrisy and nothing else!


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