Uproar at CMC

Paul Isaac Kwofie

The Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company is ‘boiling’ with rage as workers point accusing fingers at some top management staff for engaging in activities that do not inure to the benefit of the company.

At the centre of the commotion is Mr. Paul Isaac Kwofie, Deputy Managing-Director in-charge of Operations, who the workers are accusing of intimidation, threats and masterminding removal of experienced shipping staff from the company.

But Mr. Kwofie, in reaction to these accusations, also says that as far as he is concerned all the allegations being levelled against him are false.

The peeved workers, however, have so far filed a petition at the Office of the Special Prosecutor, the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) and the National Investigations Bureau (NIB), to that effect.

In the petition, the workers averred that Mr. Kwofie has resorted to intimidation and threats of ‘no allocation of cocoa to ship’ for reasons best known to him.

‘’CMC has gotten to a point where companies with interest and desire to ship cocoa out of Ghana must chase Mr. Kwofie before getting businesses to do,’’ the petition claims.

According to them, the role that CMC is to play in the cocoa business has become messy, all in the name of Mr. Kwofie wanting things to be done at his own whims and caprices.

‘’Mr. Kwofie has masterminded the removal of experienced shipping staff and replaced them with novices who cannot see and detect illegal cocoa gang arrangement, container dressing contracts, evacuation and materials supplies, which has greatly affected the cocoa industry,’’ they stressed.

The petition dated August 6, 2021, said that there is huge apathy among workers of the CMC because of the manner Mr. Kwofie was handling affairs.

The petitioners said that Mr. Kwofie was removed from the position of Shipping Manager, for acts of intimidation, threats, abuse of power, among others, but still managed to get promoted to his current position, only to be doing things in his old ways.

Mr. Kwofie Reacts

Speaking to The Inquisitor on Wednesday, Mr. Kwofie expressed surprise at the accusations levelled against him, saying; ‘’I am shocked with the allegations.’’

He told The Inquisitor that he has no interest in any of the companies that export cocoa, and was just doing his work and reporting to his superiors.

‘’I have never been involved in transfers or removal of staff, the last time a worker was transferred, I was in faraway Dubai on official assignment; so, I could not have been part of anything of that nature,’’ he said.

Mr. Kwofie confirmed to the Inquisitor that he had been investigated before, over certain issues, but nothing incriminating was found against him.

‘’As far as am concerned, I have not [done] and not doing anything untoward, I am doing my work as expected from me,’’ he concluded.

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