Toni Aubynn Stirs Anger In NDC


The former chief executive officer of the Ghana Minerals Commission, Dr. Toni Aubynn, is creating huge furore within the corridors of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) with his insipid desire to create space for himself in the umbrella family.

Some huge forces within the Western Region Caucus of the largest opposition party are aiding the mining sector guru, who does not have an address in the NDC, to dictate how he should be treated in the party.

The gurus of the NDC are forcing to smuggle Dr. Aubynn into the Amenfi East Constituency to contest in the primary to become the Parliamentary candidate for the area.

The move was hatched after those forces failed to convince other powerful individuals to support them to suggest Dr. Aubynn to the flagbearer of the party, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, to consider him as his running-mate.

After that unsuccessful agenda, the NDC gurus wanted to make Dr. Aubynn the Parliamentary candidate for Prestea/Huni Valley area and that one too backfired.

Now Dr. Aubynn, who is the founder and president of the Africa Institute for Extractive Industries (AIEI), wants to be made the candidate for Amenfi East, something the party people are fiercely resisting.

The lead character that the top brass among the Western Region Caucus are using is the Western Region chairman of the NDC, Nana Kwame Toku.

Nana Toku, The Inquisitor, has been told, is of the view that Dr. Aubynn has the financial muscle, and whether the Amenfi East area NDC likes it or not, he will be made the Parliamentary candidate, something the NDC folks in the area have vowed to resist.

Groupings have started emerging within the Amenfi East NDC with the motive of sabotaging any other person who will emerge as the party’s Parliamentary candidate, apart from Dr. Aubynn.

The Inquisitor has it that the Amenfi East NDC has written to the National Headquarters of the party, complaining of the agenda by Nana Toku and other heavyweights of the party.

Sources at the NDC Headquarters have it that the party would look into the concerns by the Amenfi East NDC and address issues.

There is apprehension within the NDC that the parochial interests of some party gurus to have certain people as Parliamentary candidates would lead to cracks in the party.

Already some Parliamentary aspirants are riding on the back of some gurus of the party as they are campaigning with their names.

Campaigns at certain places have been very murky with false accusation against aspirants being the order of the day.

However, Constituency and Regional executives at those areas have not been able to bring those engaged in the obnoxious acts to book.

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