Tension over auction vehicles as Jubilee House sits on scandal

The distribution of confiscated vehicles his creating high tension within the corridors of power as the whole exercise is fraught with what has been described as high level fraud.

The Jubilee House is presently massaging the scandal that has popped up in connection with how the Confiscated Assets Committee led one Nana Obiri is working.

From what The Inquisitor has, President Addo Dankwa is fully aware of what was going and had demanded certain documentation from the Confiscated Assets Committee but leadership of the committee were not coming forth with what the President was demanding.

What is swelling the furore among top officials at the Presidency is how the Committee dissipated 4X4 multi-purposes vehicles at the blind side of almost all the top officials at the Presidency.

It is suspected that top range vehicles confiscated ends up at garages being run by the leading members of the Confiscated Assets Committee at various strategic positions in Accra.
The Inquisitor has traced one of such garages located on the Accra-Aburi Highway and attendants at the garage confirmed to the paper that it belongs to one big man who works at the Jubilee House.

They would not tell The Inquisitor the name of the big man but there all indications that owner of the garage plays important role in the Confiscated Assets Committee.
The paper is told how the committee wanted to use the name of a top official at the Jubilee House to divert confiscated 4X4 vehicles but the whole game backfired.

The Inquisitor has also established some of the lead characters in the Confiscated Assets Committee have devised means of creating chits with ghost names and collect cars in those names for the garages they run.

Checks have revealed that persons with chits would travel to where confiscated vehicles are kept to go for their vehicles only to be told that the vehicles allocated to them have already been offered to other people.
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