Tension In Ghana Police Service

...Over Migration From Cap30 To SSNIT

Mr David Asante Apeatu, IGP

There is fire blazing within the Ghana Police Service following moves by the government to migrate police personnel from CAP 30 to Social Security and Insurance Trust (SSNIT) pension scheme.

The growing resentment among the police personnel which is at the apex is likely to have far-reaching ramifications on the country’s security anytime soon.

The Cabinet has given approval for a roadmap to be developed to unify all pension schemes in the country by 2021.

A Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Mr. Bright Wereko-Brobby, said the unification would ensure that officers of some security services whose pension contributions were currently borne by the government would start paying pension contributions from their earnings.

Such officers are from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), the Ghana Police Service and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

The only exemption under the law affects the men and officers of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), whose pension contributions would still be paid by the state, he said.

Mr.Wereko-Brobby was speaking at the sitting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament in Accra last Monday.

There are signals that there will be a serious resistance with massive demonstrations publicly across all police establishments across the country.

According to the unhappy police personnel, the policy will further worsen the already bad conditions under which the police work.

The effects of the new policy will be that the police can now be unionised, have bargaining power for their remuneration and can now go on strike when their demands are not met.

The police now operate under CI76, which bars them from strike and collective bargaining powers.

Top ranking officers told The Inquisitor that “it is envisaged that if this matter is not withdrawn as soon as possible, most police officers will go on voluntary retirement. It is a clear disaster coming if not seriously looked at.”

There are murmurings within the service that removing the police from Cap30 to SSNIT clearly indicates the government has nothing better to offer the Ghana police.

“One must tell me what the current NPP government has done to improve the living standard of the ordinary police officer. One may be tempted to say you have been offered cars, planes-yet to be procured, uniforms- even those uniforms are oversize. Let me tell you, those items are normal logistics to protect the state, but the person who is using those logistics stands to benefit from nothing, they are for the public not for personal consumption,” an angry officer said.

The officer further said: “This is clearly welfare issue and we must not relent to battle it. Our future starts from now, the one who brought that suggestion may end his term of office in four years and take huge money from the consolidated fund.”

“The government must tell the police what they stand to benefit as they join SSNIT. We clearly know what we stand to gain at the end of our services before we joined the service. If there is a chance, then it must be a negotiation,” he contended.

“The current government must tell us what it has done to improve the life of ordinary police officer. Professor Mills and NDC government gave us Single Spine Salary, what about you? This is not politics, it’s our future,” he said

In addition, the angry police officer says “if the government has intended to do that and had gone ahead to give clearance then it must restore risk allowance for police – CI 76 regulation 55 and all other allowances as stated by CI 76, insure all police vehicles and begin to pay overtime as stated in CI 76 to motivate police. If government fails to do these and continues that intention and decision by the government, we will say there is no future for police officers in Ghana.”

He warned that they will resist the attempt to make the police the target of the exercise which he further indicated is not targeting the military “because government was afraid of revolt.”

Source: The Inquisitor


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