Promotions In GRA: Staff, Board Chair In Fracas

Prof Stephen Adei

Events at the nation’s revenue outfit, Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), are becoming repulsive, as the staff are in tango with the Board Chairman over how he wants to handle promotions.

The GRA Board Chairman, Professor Stephen Adei, who is virtually the Commissioner-General of the GRA, wants to bypass the Public Service manual on how promotions are done within the GRA and do his own thing.

But the staff of GRA have vowed to resist what they described as an autocratic game plan by the Board Chair to frustrate their career progression.

In the estimation of Prof. Adei, the notional effect in promotion, as stipulated in the Public Service Manual, does not simply work, as far as he remains the Board Chair of the GRA, as he would not make payment if staff are promoted based on notional effect.

In the workings of Prof. Adei, payments would only be made in cases of substantive effects in promotions.

But the staff feel that they are being short-changed, as delayed promotions are not their fault, but that of the GRA as their employer and must therefore work in accordance with what is in the Public Service Manual.

The atmosphere at GRA is fully charged such that if care is not taken there would be an explosion, as the revenue officers are boiling with rage.

Again, some officers who are to be promoted from Chief Revenue Officers to Assistant Commissioners and from Assistant Commissioners are slugging it out with management and the board over qualification.

Some of the officers have not been promoted because they do not have a second university degree.

They are challenging that decision because there are certain persons without a second degree among the top management of the GRA.

The staff have therefore vowed to collectively fight management and board over the promotions based on second degree qualification.

Not long ago, the staff officially notified the Minister of Finance of how the Board Chairman of the state revenue outfit is killing the authority with his disrespect for corporate governance.

The workers in a bold fashion told Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta that his all-knowing subordinate is running the show as if he was the Chief Executive of the GRA.

In a zoom meeting with the minister, the GRA staff said that Prof. Adei has made the Commissioner General of GRA irrelevant, as he (Prof. Adei) was creating confusion at GRA and it was time stoppers were put on his way.

”Prof. Adei is running GRA like his personal business and the situation is creating huge problems for the GRA,” the workers told the minister in that zoom meeting.

The meeting was necessitated by ugly happenings within the state revenue agency, notably the action and inactions of the board chairman.

The minister who has a relationship with the board chairman by virtue of the fact that they both attend the same church was made aware of how Prof. Adei has no regards for the other board members.

The minister before that zoom meeting had been told of how the man he was convinced would help the GRA was rather collapsing the institution.

Prof. Adei takes care of everything – from procurement to staff transfers, promotion and recruitment to the chagrin of other board members.

”The Commissioner General has no business as the CEO of the GRA because the board chairman does everything,” the workers reportedly told the minister.

Per what The Inquisitor gathered, the GRA staff in the meeting freed their minds and told the minister of how the current revenue shortfalls could be attributed to the board chairman.

Prof. Adei is on record to have questioned the integrity of officials of the GRA immediately he took over as the board chair of the authority.

Other members of the GRA are now redundant as they are not consulted by the chairman before certain critical decisions are taken.

Following the announcement of Prof. Adei as the board chairman of the GRA, some old board members were forced to resign because the Ministry of Finance wanted a new team for the board chairman.

Two members of the board, Mrs. Juliana Addo Yobo and Major (Rtd) Ablorh Quarcoo, were hounded out of office.

The third target, Madam Adelaide Ahwireng, refused to be forced out of office and is still a board member of the GRA.

Before Prof. Adei became the board chair, Mr. Kwame Owusu’s name was making the rounds, and The Inquisitor was informed that the Council of State approved the appointment of Mr. Owusu, but some close relative of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo leaked the appointment to pitch the public against the government because of issues relating to Mr. Owusu when he was the Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA).

The GRA, under Prof. Adei, had recorded revenue shortfalls, but the government was always quick to sway the minds of Ghanaians off them.

The Inquisitor, without any fear of contradiction, has it that the finance minister has been alerted of how Prof. Adei was butchering corporate governance on countless occasions.

The last zoom meeting was for a kind of confirmation of what the minister had been told about his friend, Prof. Adei.

Prof. Adei, apart from being Board Chairman of the GRA, is the chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) and also a Board Member of the Judicial Service Council.