Police Administration Sabotages COVID 19 Lockdown

Oppong Boanuh, IGP

Personnel of the Ghana Police Service today made nonsense of roadblocks era in the lockdown to check the spread of the COVID 19.

At most places in Accra, demotivated Police Officers were seen sitting under trees available and shaded places closer to where barriers have been mounted.

All that they were doing was to wave cars to move on without checking whether or not occupants of vehicles were exempted under the lockdown.

Highly placed sources within the  Ghana Police Service have it that the action by the personnel detailed to enforce the lockdown was in protest of how bad they were being treated by the top hierarchy of the service.

The sources said that the personnel was being short-changed in how much they were to benefit from the money provided to them by the government during the lockdown.

“Instead of offering personnel outside their daily mark of GHC150, the Police administration is using some dirty tactics to pocket some of the money,” the sources told newdawngh.com.

The sources said that the Police Administration claims of feeding the personnel performing the lockdown duties were just decoy to pounce on their duty allowances.

Last Tuesday, Police Personnel performing duties at the Kasoa areas protest vehemently against the food that was offered to them.

According to them, the food was not wholesome and could not qualify for food that even cost GHC15. 00.

newdawngh.com has been alerted of a crunch meeting by the Police administration to find ways to soothe the anger of the police personnel.

The Military and other security agencies were deployed to enforce the partial lockdown announced by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to contain the spread of the COVID 19.

Ghana per the last count has recorded 313 cases of the virus.

There are fears that the lackadaisical attitude of the Police in enforcing the lockdown would endanger lives.

More soon!


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