‘Poison’ in NPP

There is poisonous atmosphere in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), all because of the insipid desire of certain people to lead the party as National Executives at all cost.

Incumbent National Executives, who are still interested in running for office, have been targeted for character assassination, among other deadly plots.

Although, the party has some grace period within which to go into the contest for new executives, the battle field is already heated and if care is not taken, sanity could breakdown, totally soon.

Concocted reports full of lies are being churned out just to denigrate serving National Officers interested in contesting for office again.
To make the agenda meaningfully dirty, some young people within the party, have been engaged to peddle lies against the targeted persons on various media platforms.

One thing that is clear is the fact that those behind the filthy game are people who are engrossed in becoming the next National Executives of the NPP; and have the childish thinking that destroying the incumbent executives would make their chances in the future brighter, to achieve their political ambition.

There are pointers, however, that most of the current National Executives would contest in the next elections, either to be retained in their current positions or move to higher positions.

The party Chairman, Freddie Blay-led National Executives, have not been proactive in responding to the lies being peddled about them on various platforms.

The Inquisitor is fully aware that the content of a concocted security report on some of the National Executives would soon be thrown out in the coming days or weeks.
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