Peace Watch Ghana Punches Gov’t Over Chieftaincy Crisis At Akuapeman


Peace Watch Ghana has slammed the government over the manner Okuapeman chieftaincy issues at Akropong were handled last week.

According to the Executive Director of the peace and security NGO, Madam Diana Nyonkopah Daniels, the security forces that supervised the enstoolment processes of Odehye Kwadwo Kesse breached security and the COVID-19 protocols announced by the President.

‘’What happened at Akropong last week was an indication that some groups of people are more important than others as the enstoolment was allowed to proceed although there is ban on social gathering,’’ she said.

She said: ‘’Churches and other religious bodies can also decide to be reckless just as it happened at Akropong and what it means is that the fight against the COVID-19 will be a total fiasco.’’

Madam Daniels, in an interview with The Inquisitor, said that the security forces did not go to Akropong on their own volition but they were there on instruction of some big people.

‘’It is therefore important to get people arrested for defying the COVID-19 because they are not above the law,’’ she said.

She said: ‘’Pastors of some churches have been arrested, prosecuted and jailed for defying the COVID-19 protocols, those who defied the protocols at Akropong should be arrested just like the pastors at Kumasi and other places.’’

She said that the government could not treat some as special than others, asserting that ‘’the laws of Ghana must be made to work irrespective of who is involved in breaking them.”

Madam Daniels said that the problem at Akropong must be handled with utmost care before it degenerates into a full blown crisis.

‘’In the midst of the COVID-19 such crisis must be avoided and it takes the politicians who are involved to back down from their heinous agenda,’’ she said.

She said: ‘’If certain persons at Akropong would be allowed to gather in clear disrespect of the COVID-19 protocols, then Churches and Mosques must also be made to run when they have face masks and other things with them.’’