Okaikwei North MCE Goes Bonkers ….Competence & Transparency Come Up

Boye Laryea, Okaikwei North

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Okaikwei North Assembly, Mr. Boye Laryea, threw caution to the wind and displayed true arrogance of power in discourses he had with The Inquisitor via mobile phone recently.

Matters bordering on Mr. Laryea’s competence and level of transparency in handling the all-important municipality are creating uneasy calm within the assembly.

There are concerns that the assembly does not have any better development infrastructure to match the amount of Common Fund it has received from the government.

Drawings of proposed Assembly building which Mr. Laryea says it is an achievement

Again, there are concerns that the MCE has the penchant for taking glory when the area benefits from national projects, like road construction.

In a litany of complaints, the MCE was accused of claiming that certain proposed projects were part of his achievements, when indeed the projects had not even commenced.

There were also concerns on Mr. Laryea’s relationship with opinion leaders within the Okaikwei area and how he deals with workers at the assembly.

The Inquisitor, in an attempt to speak with the MCE on the allegations against him, visited the assembly’s offices located at Tesano on numerous occasions but could not succeed in getting him.

Finally, Mr. Laryea called The Inquisitor via mobile phone, and when the paper told him why it wanted to speak with him, he threw into tantrums.

After listening to the allegations against him, he said in the Ga language ‘’Aha Bo Story Papa’’ to wit, they have given good story.

He said: ‘’All that you are saying are rubbish and do not make any sense to me.’’

Alerted by The Inquisitor that he was being uncouth on the phone, he said: “Those complaining about him and his style of administration do not even matter to him in anyway.’’

‘’I don’t have time for anyone and I have not taken credit for any project,’’ he said.

On his relationship with workers at the Okaikwei North Assembly, he said that he cannot be friends with everybody and questioned The Inquisitor reporter if he goes round to greet all workers when he arrives at the office.

On allegation that the assembly has benefitted from some GHC3.5million and could not point to any tangible development, Mr. Laryea said that he works with a team of officers and all that they do go through procurement processes and therefore he does not owe anyone any explanation.

Responding to his relationship with members of his New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the area, he said the party has nothing to do with his work and office.

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