Nyamebekyere Republic & LGBTQI!: CON GAMES UNCOVERED …Things Not Adding Up


Ghana’s discourses on issues bordering on Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) is becoming extremely out of the ordinary with some confidence tricks going on.

Discourses on the culturally-prohibited acts have been hijacked by certain individuals and groupings who would want to be heard for their own selfish gains.

More intriguing is that Government seems also playing mind games with Ghanaians as to how it wants to deal with the vexed issue.

The reports of closure of the offices of the LGBTQI in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, has since sparked huge controversy among Ghanaians, who are demanding proper, better and further particulars from state actors involved in those operations.

What is making the government suspicious is the fact that there were initial reports that LGBTQI offices had been closed down by National Security operatives at Tesano in Accra, but this later turned out to be false.

Days after, there were again, reports that an office belonging to the LGBTQI has been raided by security operatives at Ashongman also in Accra.

With the Ashongman operation, photographs of the building did pop up to back claims that the office was indeed raided.

What is not clear is the fact that there were human beings within the buildings that were said to have been raided by the security operatives, but no arrests were made.

There were evidences by persons who were around the house that was raided at Ashongman and they have it that there were occupants in the building when the operatives stormed the place.

Springboard Towards Popularity

Funny twists and turns by certain individuals looking for space in public discourses have, however, jumped unto the LGBTQI debate with many of them making senseless pronouncements on the issue.

Politicians, journalists and the Clergy are all using the LGBTQI to be heard.

Surprisingly, there are murmurings within the LGBTQI community that some of the people speaking publicly against them are members of the ‘community’.

The LGBTQI community out of anger, have therefore, started putting out names of certain big politicians and pastors on some social media platforms created purposely to espouse its activities.

Modus Operandi

It is emerging that the operations and activities of the LGBTQI community are bigger and well-organised than what is known by both government and those talking against them.

There are so many meeting places and joints that have been devised by the LGBTQI community to solidify its fronts in Ghana.

With the ban on night clubs and other big pubs as part of the COVID-19 restrictions, the LGBTQI Community has resorted to the use of shopping malls as common places to activate its activities.

There are pimps and go-betweens with known contacts and addresses who are into the business of organizing meetings and hook-ups among the LGBTQI community.

The common currency used with the LGBTQI community in Ghana is the United States of America Dollar.

Those of the LGBTQI community serving as partners of rich and affluence, are often seen living ostentatious lifestyles as money has never been an issue to them.

Local sex tours have also become very common among the LGBTQI community and they travel by driving in long convoy to various tourist sites and merrymaking resorts.

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