NIB CEO, Shadowy Lawyer Grabbed ….Police investigate Dan Gyimah, Justina Dorkor


Information reaching DAYBREAK indicates that former Managing Director of the National Investment Bank (NIB), Daniel Gyimah, and lawyer Justina Tete-Donkor have been arrested by the Ghana Police Service.

Their arrest, DAYBREAK gathered, was effected following an order by an Accra High Court.

It would be recalled that DAYBREAK last year published a story highlighting how a smart female lawyer named Justina Tete Donkor, representing Eland International Ghana Ltd as a lawyer, also worked herself as a trustee and therefore friend and ally of the court and its judicial processes in receiving debt owed Eland, but which was created by the National Investment Bank.

Eland is an importer of rice, among other commodities, DAYBREAK understood. It is also a friend to the NIB, having supported the bank through its crisis periods with liquidity as a major customer.

When NIB faced liquidity challenges in the early 2000s and was about to be sold off, it was Eland Thailand and its sister company in Ghana, Eland Ghana, that saved it.

The state banking firm then needed US$2million to survive. Fortunately, the bank got more than what it had hoped for through a trading business it entered into with Eland Thailand and its Ghanaian partner, Eland Ghana.

Goods worth about US$13million was placed at its doorsteps to trade with after signing Collateral Management Agreement (CMA) with Eland International Thailand/Ghana.

All that the bank needed to do was to store the goods at its various warehouses look for buyers and sell to them and take its cut, while the remaining amount is deposited into Eland Thailand’s accounts.

To ensure fairness and transparency, an escrow account was opened at NIB for such a special purpose trading business.

This breakthrough deal was secured by the bank through the assistance of Mr. Daniel Charles Gyimah, who had then been appointed at the Managing Director of NIB.

Mr. Daniel Charles Gyimah until his appointment as MD for NIB was the MD for EXIM Guarantee Company, a company that was also doing business with Eland International Thailand/Ghana.