Nana’s Men For CHRAJ

...Over Spending Spree To Become MPs

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Some appointees of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who are interested in becoming first-time Members of Parliament (MPs) come 2021 will soon be dragged to the Commissioner of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to tell Ghanaians where they are getting the huge sums of money they are spending on their ambitions.

Some public-spirited individuals, led by Mr. Maxwell Boateng, Kumasi-based businessman, are set to drag the appointees to the investigative body because they believe the appointees are abusing their offices judging by the manner they are spending monies to become MPs.

Per the 1992 Constitution, CHRAJ is mandated to investigate all instances of alleged or suspected corruption and misappropriation of public money by officials, and investigate complaints of violations of fundamental rights and freedoms, injustice, corruption, abuse of power and unfair treatment of any person by a public officer in his exercise of his official duties.

In this instance, Mr. Boateng says that they would like CHRAJ to look into how appointees are spending monies to oust some MPs.

Within and outside government circles, concerns have been raised about how those government appointees, including ministers,are throwing monies and goodies around to lure delegates into voting for them to make them the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary candidates in various constituencies.

Mr. Boateng, interacting with The Inquisitor yesterday, said that the appointees vying to become MPs are spending far and above their earnings and they must be probed.

According to him, some of them are presently making incumbent MPs they are trying to oust to look like they are of no use with the manner they are throwing monies around.

“Where does a government appointee get the money to construct boreholes at huge costs for the constituents because he or she wants to become an MP must be questioned,’’ he said.

Within the NPP, The Inquisitor has gathered that some incumbent MPs have had cause to complain to the leadership of the majority in the august house and the party of how appointees are forcing to get them out.

Interestingly, certain young people close to President Akufo-Addo are among the appointees throwing cash around to become MPs.

Mr. Boateng told The Inquisitor that CHRAJ should be able to look into the sources of the money of these appointees and compare them to their earnings because they are spending too much.

Asked by The Inquisitor whether he was doing the bidding of some MPs who feel threatened or not, he said: “What the appointees are doing is an indication that everything in politics is about money, and as to where the money comes from should be a bother to decent minded people.’’

“Our action is not targeted at settling any score with anyone but we want the right to be done but what we are witnessing today is unprecedented. We have seen spending to oust MPs but this is too much,’’ he said.

Mr. Boateng told The Inquisitor that there is evidence of multi-million projects some of the appointees are undertaking and they must tell the world where they had funding from.

“We have spoken with learned and seasoned lawyers and they have told us that we can pursue our noble cause and we will do just that,’’ he said.

He said: “Our complaint against the appointees is ready and we will file it before the close of the week.’’

“They know themselves and they should be ready to tell the whole world where they are getting the monies that they throwing around from because, but for this government coming into power, some of them have never seen what a payslip looks like,’’ he added.


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