MoH Obstructs Local Coys In Procurement Of Anti-Snake Serum

Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyemang Manu

The procurement of Anti-Snake Venom (West Africa Polyvalent Serum) that has been hit by huge controversies is getting murkier.

It is now abundantly clear that the Ministry of Health (MoH), under the watch of Mr. Kwaku Agyeman- Manu, does not want any local pharmaceutical company to legitimately supply the serum, after the preferred companies of the ministry were disqualified by the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) over serious infractions in the procurement process.

The ministry was interested in seeing either Pharmanova Export PVT or Pharmanova Ghana Limited win the contract to supply Ghana with the much-needed anti-snake serum.

The PPA had to step in to ensure that the procurement processes were not breached, as the MoH had manipulated events towards the interest of Pharmanova Export PVT and Pharmanova Ghana Limited.

Pharmanova Export PVT had won the contract to supply the anti-snake serum, but the PPA asked that it should be overturned and the award given was duly annulled.

What is shocking is the fact that the PPA directed that after the disqualification of the two companies on the basis of their tender documents, there should be re-evaluation of the remaining tenders, using a completely new panel of evaluators.

Kinapharma Limited and AS-TESCO Investment Company Limited were the two companies left for the MoH to deal with, but that was not to be.

Instead of going according to the recommendation of the PPA, the MoH is using communist inferior tactics against the two local companies with full capacity to supply the anti-snake serum.

The ministry has clandestinelycancelled the processes and gave an excuse that the quotations of the two companies were too high and not within its budgetary allocation for the serum.

However, documents in the possession of the Inquisitor clearly show that the quotations of Kinapharma Limited and AS-TESCO Investment Company Limited were far lower than those of Pharmanova Export PVT and Pharmanova Ghana Limited.

Kinapharma Limited quoted GHC20,000,000.00 as the total tender price, while AS-TESCO Investment Company Limited quoted GHC20,750, 000.00 as the total tender price.

The preferred companies of the ministry, Pharmanova Export PVT and Pharmanova Ghana Limited quoted $3, 100,000.00 and GHC23, 335,000.00 respectively as their total tender prices.

It is therefore not true that Kinapharma Limited and AS-TESCO Investment Company Limited quoted higher total tender prices.

Rather, the MoH has decided to ignore the recommendations of the PPA and do things to suit the parochial interest of certain people and companies as against the people who badly need the anti-snake serum.

Imani Ghana, a policy think-tank, first raised issues on the tender processes to procure some anti-snake venom (Polyvalent) Serum, claiming that there were discrepancies in the figures quoted by some of the companies.

The MoH denied any wrongdoing in the processes.

However, the PPA, after receiving a petition from one of the companies, came out boldly that the MoH was indeed engaged in bad practices, as far as the award of that contract was concerned.

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