Mining In Oda River Reserve!: Report On Charles Owusu False….-Kingsperp Doing Legitimate Prospecting In The Area

Charles Owusu

A story put out to link Mr. Charles Owusu of the Forestry Commission to illegal mining within the Taabosere enclave where Oda River passes has turned out to totally false.
The area mentioned in that report legitimately belongs to Kingsperp Mining Limited and the company is currently engaged in mineral prospecting.
The report circulating on various media platforms claimed that the area was within the Western Region but it has turned out that the area was within the Ashanti Region.
Again, the report stated that Mr. Owusu was a relative of the late Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission (FC), Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, but that was not true. Checks have confirmed that Mr. Owusu and the late Mr. Afriyie do not have any blood relations but only worked at the Forestry Commission where Mr. Afriyie was Mr. Owusu’s boss.
The Inquisitor has laid hands on documents that indicate that the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources officially granted mining lease to Kingsperp Mining Limited to enter into the Taabosere area in 2020.
The mining lease agreement was signed on April 30, 2020, between the minister who represented Ghana and the Managing Director of Kingsperp Mining Limited, Mr. Solomon Gozey.
In addition to that agreement, the Forestry Commission had legally granted the company Entry Permit to the company to go into the Oda River Reserve to undertake prospecting.
The company paid the sum of GHC150,000 to the Forestry Commission who in May 2020 updated the entry permit of the company.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after embarking on environmental impact assessment granted permit to Kingsperp Mining Limited to embark on prospecting.
The EPA permit to the company would expire in February 2022.
The mining lease from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources was a term of ten years.
The terms may be renewed from time to time per the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703).
In all the documentation, Mr. Charles Owusu does not appear anywhere to suggest that he was part of Kingsperp.
In what appears to be a grubby agenda against Mr. Charles Owusu, his name was mentioned as having asked some soldiers who had stormed to leave the area.
Shockingly, nobody heard what transpired on the phone before Mr. Charles Owusu was mentioned.
Weird Agenda
The Inquisitor has stumbled on information pointing to the fact that certain persons who were loyal to late Mr. Owusu Afriyie have been earmarked for character assassination.
It was instructive to know Mr. Charles Owusu worked closely with the late Mr. Afriyie.
The Executive Director of Forest Services Division, Mr. Oppon Sasu, who also worked closely with the late Chief Executive, has been mentioned in an allegation involving some illegal wood worth GHC400, 000.
There are indications that allegations would be made against other officials in the coming days.