Mate-Kodjo Exits GRA Today

Felix Mate-Kodjo

Mr. Felix Mate-Kodjo’s time as staff of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) comes to an end today.

He is expected to exit the authority as he hits the mandatory retirement age of 60 today September 23, 2020.

Mr. Mate-Kodjo, who is in charge of Port Operations at the Customs Division of the GRA, should have proceeded on his terminal leave on June 16, this year, prior to his retirement today, but managed to hang on to his position because he had the backing of the management and board of the GRA.

The Inquisitor is reliably informed that there were several moves to secure a contract for Mr. Mate-Kodjo but the moves failed.

The continuous stay in office by Mr. Mate-Kodjo sparked controversies, as it was seen as a show of selective amnesia as another top officer in a similar situation was made to proceed on his terminal leave.

Mr. Boakye Agyemang, Third-In-Command of the same Customs Division of the GRA, was asked to commence his terminal leave in May and retired in this year September.

As a matter of fact, the Senior Staff Union of the GRA prevailed on the management and the board to ensure that the right thing was done but to no avail.

Described by his contemporaries as a very intelligent officer, Mr. Mate-Kodjo was cited in several reports and petitions, as having done things that were not in tandem with best customs practices.

In one of such reports, Mr. Mate-Kodjo was described as HIGH RISK TO GHANA’s REVENUE.

The latest petition on Mr. Mate-Kodjo was dated January 20, 2020 in which serious issues were raised against the man in charge of Port Operations at the GRA.

The Inquisitor’s flawless sources within the GRA have it that the workers union have braced themselves for a proper showdown with the management and the board should Mr. Mate-Kodjo stay in office beyond today.

The position of the workers union is that Mr. Mate-Kodjo’s continuous stay in office was stifling the career progression of some serving officers.