Lesbian Marriage!: Anger In Military And Ghana Fire Service


There are murmurings and anger raging within the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) over issues relating to lesbianism and homosexuality.

The recent lesbian wedding between Staff-Sergeant Vida Owusu, an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces, and a private citizen has open a can of worms on how widespread lesbianism and homosexuality are heavily going in the military and some of the other security services.

A lady in the video of Staff-Sgt Owusu and her civilian partner’s wedding has been identified as a Fire Service person with a history of lesbianism right from her secondary school days in the Brong Ahafo Region to her training days at the Ghana National Fire Service Training School to become a fire officer.

It is also emerging that there are rumours and murmurings about some men in uniform engaging in homosexuality.

Same-sex intimacy and marriage are illegal in Ghana.

The Inquisitor is informed that the Military High Command are seething with anger, following the circulation of videos and wedding pictures of Staff-Sgt. Owusu and have decided to court-martial her in the coming days.

The paper is informed that there are several reports of other ladies and men heavily involved in the monstrous acts among the officers in uniform.

In the Ghana National Fire Service, The Inquisitor has gathered that there is huge furore as the lady in the video is said to have a terrible history with various attempts to date her fellow women.

There are certain top officers within GNFS who feel that the decision by the lady to have intimacy with her fellow women was her private decision and she must be left alone.

Other top officials also feel that the issue should be swept under the carpet, even though the fire officer attended the event in her private capacity.

They are of the view that once the lady had been identified as an officer of the Ghana National Fire Service, the image of the service has been dragged into the mud.

Ghana has had several discourses on the illegality of same-sex intimacy and relationship.

Those involved in the monstrous act have always found ways of defending themselves as to why they are in such acts.

Ghanaians were shocked after videos and pictures of Staff-Sgt. Owusu and her partner went viral, as the military person was the least person expected to engage in same-sex marriage.

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