Landguards Terrorize British Investor

British High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr Iain Walker

The activities of land-guards which the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies are finding it hard to tackle will have far-reaching ramifications on government’s drive to attract investors into the country.

A group of land-guards are terrorizing a British investor over a piece of land located at Atomic Hills-Ashongman in the Ga East Metropolitan Assembly (GEMA).

The investor, Mr. Graham Smith, has been harassed and intimidated by the heavily armed land-guards for past four years.

The land is earmarked for the construction of energy-efficient houses to help reduce the housing deficit Ghana is facing.

Mr. Smith has established a brick factory at Adidome in the Volta Region purposely for the housing project at Ashongman.

The plans have now been at a complete standstill for the past four and a half years due to land-guards and other criminal-minded people trying to take his land by force.

So far, the company has been forced to lay off production workers at the Adidome brick factory, while investment has been suspended there, due to the land-guards activities at Ashongman.

Mr. Smith has land title certificates covering all land in Ashongman, as well as building permits from the GEMA, but the criminal-minded people do not care about land title or building permits.

What is making the whole matter murkier is the fact that the land-guards do not even respect, fear and reorganise officials from the GEMA and the police who are working to restore sanity in the area.

Anytime Mr. Smith or his workmen make any attempt to move to site, they are met with deadly weapons wielding land-guards.

For now, the GEMA and the police have asked the British investor not to enter or go closer to the land because of the fear that the land-guards would harm him.

The Inquisitor has it that Mr. Smith has already contacted the British High Commission in Accra about the situation, so they can advise other potential investors about the land problems in Ghana.


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