Kumasi Mayor Commended For Door-To-Door Campaign


The Mayor of Kumasi, Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi, is now the toast of Kumasi for his door-to-door campaign strategy to help the New Patriotic Party to retain power, come December 7, 2020.

The mayor has put together a strong team campaigning in all the five constituencies under the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).

The constituencies are Subin, Bantama, Nhyieso, Manhyia North and Manhyia South.

The KMA boss has put together a 150-member team for the vigorous door-to-door campaign that has attracted the attention of Kumasi residents.

According to the residents, they have never encountered such a mode of campaigning involving a mayor who is not contesting for any of the seats.

The team has toured every nook and cranny of the five constituencies with the message of the ruling party and why it must be voted for in the December elections.

The Kumasi residents say that the mayor has displayed that he is for all the Parliamentary candidates and that is pushing other members, sympathizers and supporters of the NPP to campaign well.

What makes the mayor’s activities unique is the fact that the campaigning activities do not conflict with his work, as he is always firm and resolute.

Sources within Mr. Antwi’s team said that they have planned to up their activities in the last 30 days to the elections.

The sources said that the mayor’s idea is doing the trick for the NPP, as the residents are able to understand the NPP agenda well with the one-to-one interactions.

The residents have also decided to also embark on campaigning based on what they have heard from the Kumasi mayor and his team.

In their estimation, the Kumasi mayor is making the NPP’s message to get to the electorate with ease and that would help the party to win votes.