Krowor MP Is Hot

Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, MP for Krowor

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) at Krowor Constituency, in the Greater Accra Region, is blazing with fire, following an alleged divide-and-rule tactics engaged by the Member of Parliament for the area, Mrs. Elizabeth Afoley Quaye.

The MP, who is the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, has allegedly broken the front of the strong and vibrant party in the area.

According to a group of committed NPP supporters in the area, the MP, in an attempt to represent the constituency in the 2020 Parliamentary elections has divided the executives manning the area.

According to them, the MP has managed to create “for” and “against” executives and that was seriously affecting the forward move of the NPP in the Krowor Constituency.

A petition dated April 13, 2019, signed by some 50 NPP members in Krowor addressed to the Regional Chairman, and copied to the National Chairman, stated that the conduct of the MP would not inure to the benefit of the NPP in anyway.

According to the petitioners, the NPP, known for its deep roots in democracy, should not allow the MP to have her way because she wants to represent the party in 2020.

“We believe that the work ahead of the party towards 2020 was more important than anyone who wants to lead and it is time for the party to bring people with destructive tendencies to book,” they said.

The petitioners said that, as the first female MP for the area, they expected Mrs. Quaye to behave as a mother, but, rather, she was dividing the front of the party.

They said that it would be impossible for the party to get the kind of commitment it had from the NPP towards the 2016 in 2020 because of the attitude of the MP.

Attempts To Speak With Mrs. Quaye! 

Efforts to speak with the MP over the petition did not yield any results as she would not pick her calls.

The Inquisitor also sent the MP an SMS but she did not respond.

Meanwhile, the petitioners say they will hit the streets if they do not get any favourable response from the NPP regional and national executives.


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