Kofi ‘Wisdom’ Gropes

NC President, Dr Kofi Amoah

Dr. Kofi Amoah, Chairman of the Normalization Committee (NC) of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), is creating a huge mess for the government, especially the Ministry of Youth of Sports, with his bunkum ways of doing things.

The man, who on his appointment said he was going to run Ghana’s football with ‘Wisdom,’ is wobbling and appears to lack the wisdom to normalize the game that is hugely considered as the passion of the nation.

Within the corridors of power, there is huge anger as to how Dr. Kofi Amoah, a well-known wine dealer and business tycoon, is handling the affairs of football and his alleged disrespect for stakeholders in the industry.

But for the dexterity of the handlers of the sports ministry, there would have been total mess in the running of football in the country, after the damning Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Number 12 exposure.

Dr. Amoah, together with Madam Lucy Quist, Naa Odoforley and Mr. Kofi Duah Adonteng, was appointed by FIFA to see to the normalization of the game that was believed to have been reduced to nothing under the erstwhile Kwasi Nyantakyi administration.

The committee started on the wrong footage with members showing early glimpses of impertinence and understanding of what they were supposed to do.

Mr. Duah Adonteng, under unclear circumstances, was kicked out of the committee and was replaced by former football star, Samuel of Osei Kuffuor.

However, Osei Kuffuor’s inclusion is adding virtually nothing to improve the poor performance of the committee.

Fast forward – the move by the committee to put a tournament together to appease football fans yearning for the return of active competitive football has failed.

Dr. Amoah himself told the world that government had doled out some $800,000 towards the Special Competition for Premier, First Division and Women teams.

Amazingly, there was huge furore among football persons over how Dr. Amoah wanted to disburse the funds meant for tournament, making the Ministry of Youth and Sports to step in before the tournament would go on.

Without thinking through properly, referees who play crucial role in football were ignored by the boisterous Dr. Amoah when disbursing the funds such that, after officiating for the first round of matches, they had not been paid.

The all-knowing NC Chairman would not deem it fit to explain to the referees the hitches why their officiating fees were not forthcoming.

Again, the Ministry of Youth and Sports had to step in and save the man who says he is running Ghana’s football with wisdom.

As matter of fact, Dr. Amoah and his members do not have any shred of respect for football people and team owners who are spending money on the game.

The current attitude of the NC is making lovers of football jittery, as to how the game would fare until the committee exits the scene for well organized, deep and knowledgeable people in the game to take over.

The Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) wants a stake in the management in the current handling of football by Dr. Amoah and his team because the clubs are not seeing the way too clear.

Just days ago, GHALCA fired a letter to the NC demanding that it should be made to take critical role in the reformation of football in the country.

GHALCA argues that, as stakeholders, they have been left in the dark, as the NC continues to normalise football on the domestic front.

In a petition, GHALCA wants the NC to periodically inform them about the state of Ghana Football Association and wants the NC to draw a roadmap for elections to be held.

Again, GHALCA wants to offer support to the NC so that it can finish its mandate this September and leave the scene.

It is instructive to know that club owners who are members of GHALCA in time past were heavily disrespected by the NC Chairman such that the Parliamentary Select Committee on Sports had to step in to calm the brewing tension between the football people and the NC.

With the posture of Dr. Amoah, it is now obvious that the government has lost out as to why the whole normalisation agenda was hatched because Ghana’s football has rather become super abnormal.

And until the sports ministry is bold to confront Dr. Amoah on how he handles affairs, there would be chaos on the football front and what that means is that the passion of the nation will be heading to the morgue.



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