Invasion Of GCD Concession!: Akwatia MP Mentioned

-But Says She Doesn’t Do Mining

Madam Mercy Adu Gyamfi aka Ama Sey

The Member of Parliament for Akwatia in the Eastern Region, Madam Mercy Adu Gyamfi aka Ama Sey, has been mentioned as one of the persons with mining interest in concessions belonging to the defunct Ghana Consolidated Diamond (GCD) at Akwatia.

It is alleged that the MP and other persons related to the government have invaded the GCD concession and are engaged in active mining.

But the MP dismissed the allegation when The Inquisitor made contact with her, saying ‘’I don’t do mining.’’

When The Inquisitor pressed further that her name had been mentioned, together with some NPP persons, she said: ‘’Please I beg you, I don’t do mining.’’

In what appears to be free-for-all, miners have entered the GCD concession with impunity after government terminated the deal it had with one of the subsidiaries of the Jospong Group that took over the operation of the Akwatia mine.

The Inquisitor had visited Akwatia and confirmed that mining is going on in the GCD concession.

Shockingly, those engaged in the illegal activities are all claiming to be doing tributary mining, but they do not give any ornament to the state.

Names of some top government officials and NPP executives have popped up as being part of those who have invaded the GCD concession.

Per arrangements, those in tributary mining were to offer government, which is the legitimate owner of the GCD, some ounces of their diamond find.

But the political class who are engaged in mining activities with the GCD concession are not going by those arrangements, making the people of Akwatia angry.

It is emerging that political activities in the Akwatia area are heavily financed by persons who are engaged in illegal activities within the GCD concession.

 There are murmurings that the workmen engaged by those political figures for their activities are always heavily protected by the security agencies, a claim The Inquisitor could not verify independently.

Akwatia residents are brooding over the inactiveness of the mine because it served as the sources of livelihoods for many of them.

The residents of GCD community at Akwatia had to be in darkness for well over six months before the non-payment of electricity was worked on.

Great Consolidated Diamond Era

The Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited (GCD Gh. Ltd) was Ghanaian owned company with a strong conviction that the nation’s natural resources could be harnessed to make significant contribution to the rapid development of the economy, by creating employment opportunities and improving the livelihood of the people in the community where the mine is based.
Since acquiring the company through the Ghana Government Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) in June 2011, the Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited embarked on a strategic rehabilitation of the entire plant to include important technology and equipment. 

GCD was West African country’s only commercial diamond company.

It owns the Akwatia diamond mine, which produced more than 100-million carats of diamonds since the inception of commercial operations in 1924.

The mine was closed almost a decade ago when Sapper and Associates, who had won the rights to the mine, failed to inject necessary funds.

At its peak in the 1970s, the mine produced over 2.5 million carats a year. Then, as you know, we had some political turbulence so things went down and it was during that period that the government decided to give it out. It was put on divestiture and until 2007 production was 300 000 – 5000 000 carats a year which was actually too low and the company was closed in 2007.


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