Mildred Ashong aka Eazzy the first lady is obviously not doing so well for herself music wise— her career is stagnant although she has managed to let us know she is into other fetching businesses.

Patapaa on the other hand is not your everyday musician you would choose basically because he has strong lyrics with amazing strings that touches the soul. He is more or less of a comic reliever than a musician but amazingly, his brand is selling and almost all the cacophony he passes off as music becomes a sensation of a sort.

Ideally, Eazzy would have tapped into that just to walk in that fame even if it is brief but the Wengeze hitmaker says she cannot collaborate with Peezy.

Her reasons being; “I love his personality. He is a very lively person, but music wise I no go fit. I know him as an up-tempo artiste, If you put me on any of his songs, I go do yawa.”

She revealed that she could blend with him although she loves KiDi and the ways his songs and voice is.

“I think we can blend, then. Knowing that there is another player that can do a better job for me, I would like to go for that.”


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