ICUMS Scanners At Work: Gold Smuggler Busted At KIA


A Chinese suspected to be part of a syndicate running the smuggling of gold through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) was last Saturday busted in his attempt to send some of the illegal consignment to Hong Kong.

Yip Yan Fai had concealed a quantity of gold in wheel handles of travelling bags containing handicrafts that had been sent to the Aviance for the necessary export formalities.

The scanners at the Cargo Village, which are part of the Integrated Customs Management Systems (ICUMS) end-to-end system in the Single Window Operation, gave the smugglers up.

The scanners, which were being manned by trained personnel of Nick CT Scan, detected the illegal act in the presence of the Chinese.

The consignment was to have been shipped to Hong Kong by Sky Freight Company Limited to Kowloon in Hong Kong via Emirates (SkyCargo).

The Inquisitor has gathered that the matter has been referred to one of the country’s security intelligence outfits to look into properly.

Yan Fai is presently in the custody of that security outfit.

There were attempts by some security persons at the Cargo Village to compromise themselves by collecting bribes, but the ICUMS workers resisted them and reported the incident to higher authorities.

The Inquisitor gathered that certain forces were ready to part with hefty amounts of money to sweep the matter under the carpet but could not succeed.

Contact With Sky Freight

When The Inquisitor tried to speak with the freight forwarding company at the centre of the attempt to export the gold illegally to Hong Kong, an official quickly truncated a mobile phone call the paper placed to the company.

The company official would later not pick the numerous calls that The Inquisitor placed to him.

Gold Smuggling Out Of Ghana

Gold worth several billions of forex is smuggled out of Ghana to various destinations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

It is widely believed that Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and China are benefitting from the ornaments that are smuggled out of Ghana.

There are pointers that the smugglers are enjoying protection from certain forces within the political and security circles.

Destination inspections companies that are operating at Ghana’s ports are reportedly heavily involved in the illegal act which is purely criminal per the laws of Ghana.