GRA Staff Scream Fraud In Auction


The management of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), headed by Commissioner General, Mr. Kofi Nti, is bastardizing the auctioning of items confiscated at the nation’s various ports and forfeited motor vehicles.

The whole auction exercise, which is done periodically by a team that is supposed to generate revenue for the state, has virtually become a charade.

Political appointees closely working with Mr. Kofi Nti are largely in charge of the auctioning, and officials of the GRA with schedule on auctioning are forced to dance according to the tune of the powerful Kofi Nti men.

It was not for nothing that workers of the GRA at their charged Staff Durbar held last week screamed fraud and wrongdoing over how confiscated assets are auctioned.

The Inquisitor has laid hands on documentation from the vault of the GRA that points to the fact that events have been circumvented, making the state to forfeit huge revenue.

From all indications, arrangements that were in various budget statements on how confiscated items, including vehicles, should be auctioned have been set aside.

For instance, Section 59 (3) of Act 891 stipulates that the price at which a forfeited motor vehicle is disposed of, whether by auction sale, allocation or any other method, shall include the duty and taxes eligible on such vehicle.

However, prices of auctioned goods and vehicles are determined by petitioners who usually fall on the political appointees close to the Commissioner General and other external influences.

The appointees working with instructions from the Commissioner General could easily determine how much should be paid for an auction car.

Disposal of General Goods

The angry GRA staff say that most beneficiaries who claim to be the real owners of confiscated goods use so-called special assistants of politicians to have their containers given back to them by way of allocation.

The Inquisitor has established that although allocation of general goods is not provided for under the laws, the indiscriminate allocation of general goods discredits the GRA.

Fraud is perpetrated in the whole allocation and auction, as most of the beneficiaries/importers had not settled their financial obligations to their overseas partners, thus making their claim of the goods under the cloak of auction an affront to international trade.

Typical of such fraud is the case of the importation of frozen beef by a company (name withheld as full story is coming out soon) which was reallocated to the company only for the overseas suppliers to send their agent to show proof of non-payment of the consignment which finally ended up in their warehouse when they had represented to their suppliers that the goods had been forfeited to the Government of Ghana.

It is also emerging from the GRA that the political appointees, including certain people close to Mr. Kofi Nti, always present Bills of Lading on behalf of importers who fail to pay their duties and for that matter had their consignment forfeited to the state. They reclaim such containers only to return same to the real owners at reduced tax obligation.

Coming Up!

The Inquisitor To Lift The Tracker On Some Big Forces At The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Who Are Making Ghana To Lose Revenue!


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