GRA Goes Agog …Following Dissolution Of Prof. Adei Led Board

Prof Stephen Adei

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Headquarters in Accra went agog last Tuesday following an announcement that all governing boards of various state institutions and agencies had been dissolved.
With the directive, Professor Stephen Adei ceases to be the Board Chairman of the nation’s revenue outfit and that is why the personnel of the GRA are happy.
Prof. Adei last Wednesday returned an official vehicle allocated to him to the pool of the GRA’s transport department.
The revenue officials are happy because of how the Ex-Board Chairman was heavily involved in the day to day running of the GRA and was doing things like the Chief Executive of the state outfit.
The GRA went through lots of turbulent periods when Prof. Adei was the board chair because of constant disagreements with other board members and management.
Issues bothering on promotions made the workers union of the GRA have serious of unpleasant encounters with the ex-board chair, who was violating the Public Services Commission (PSC) laid down procedures for promotions.
Before the dissolution of the GRA Board, there was a huge furore over the refusal of the management and the board to promote some officers who had served the state revenue outfit for more than thirty years.
Apart from that Prof. Adei allegedly created huge anger among personnel of the GRA when he publicly accused them of being corrupt.
During a working visit to the Tema Port after he was appointed as the GRA Board Chairman, Prof Adei stirred anger when he attacked GRA officials at the Port of being corrupt and said that those who would engage in nefarious activities would be dealt with.
The encounter was seen as a gaffe because the GRA officials were offended by the utterance of the Board Chairman for putting all GRA personnel in one whole.
In the later part of 2020, lots of matters relating to how the GRA board and management wanted to outsource the transport section of the revenue outfit to a private entity.
But workers union of the GRA resisted the move, forcing the management and board to let go of that unpopular decision.
Before the end of 2020, Prof. Adei and the Commissioner-General of the GRA, Mr. Ammishaddai Owusu-Amoah, embarked on a duty tour to certain parts of the country, which angered other board members of the GRA.
The reason for the anger was that areas that were crucial to revenue generation were left out by the two.
Meanwhile, Prof. Adei and Mr. Owusu-Amoah are on what other board members of the GRA describe as a bogus working tour.
The tour was to involve other management and board members but they all decided to boycott because it was not properly planned.
The tour is seen as bogus because critical areas where there are problems with revenue mobilization have not been visited by Prof. Adei and Mr. Owusu-Amoah.
Messages that were delivered at the places the two visited failed to address challenges of logistics and personnel, but, rather, they decided to talk about leasing policy on vehicles, something the unionized workers of the GRA have vowed to resist.
There are areas called Pillars and Beats on Ghana’s borders where revenue is lost heavily because of the porosity of the areas.
Those areas need more men but the Ex-GRA Board Chairman was of the position that GRA was overstaffed as he always compares GRA to what pertains in countries like Kenya and Rwanda