France Embassy Gives To Education Ministry

Ambassador Ave making presentation to Dr. Matthew Opoku-Prempeh

The Embassy of France in Accra has presented various materials and equipment to the Ministry of Education to facilitate its activities.

The items were presented by Her Excellency Anne Sophie Ave, Ambassador of the Republic of France to Ghana, to the Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, at a ceremony in Accra,

The items included 58 pieces of HP 290 G2 Dual Core 4GB ITB Desktop, 58 pieces Logitech Headset H110, two Projector Infocus in 116K, 58 HP19 V193 Monitor and 41 pieces of HP 290G2 13 4GB 11 TB Desktop.

The rest were 41 pieces of HP 19 V193 Monitor, 41 pieces of Kaspersky 2019 4 USB Antivirus, 41 pieces of Office 365 Personal and 41 pieces of Epson EB-541 Projector.

Ambassador Ave, in making the presentation, said that France was happy with how Ghana’s educational sector was being handled.

Dr. Prempeh, in his remarks, said that the current trend towards international cooperation, peaceful co-existence and technology transfer, necessitates that a person be able to communicate in a language that is understood by his or her neighbours.

‘’ An ability to communicate in at least two major international languages has strategic importance in such areas as commerce and industry, science and technology, telecommunication, diplomacy, management, among others,’’ he said.

He said: Geographically, Ghana is surrounded by three French-speaking countries, with the sea bordering us on the south.  In the West African sub-region, Ghana is one of only five English- speaking countries, with the majority of countries in the sub-region being French-speaking so it is particularly imperative and in our national interest to take the learning of French important, as this will give our country huge advantage and leverage in trade and commerce. It is in that respect that we have signed a Linguistic Pact with the International Organisation of la Francophonie in May 2018 and we are currently implementing an Action Plan for the country.’’

Dr. Prempeh said Ghana was keen to promote the French language in our centres of learning and various policies have been envisaged in this direction. Key among these policies are the reforms of school curricula, to include the teaching and learning of French at the primary level from B4 to B6, through a standard-based curriculum.

‘’The Common Core Programme yet to be launched will put more emphasis on an enhanced teaching and learning approach. Further, we have taken a step ahead of many countries to initiate a Bilingual School project on pilot basis, three years ago,’’ he said.

He reiterated that Ghana and France have over the years enjoyed warm and cordial relations and cooperation in several fields of endeavour, including education, adding ‘’ we are witnessing yet another manifestation of this cooperation and support.’’

The minister, on behalf of the Government of Ghana and the education ministry, expressed profound gratitude to France for the continued support to the promotion of teaching and learning of French in Ghana’s educational institutions.

‘’These teaching and learning ICT equipment and French manuals will go a long way to equip the language laboratories and classrooms of the six Colleges of Education and the 45 Bilingual Schools nationwide respectively,’’ he said.

Dr. Prempeh prayed that the next Solidarity Funds for Innovative Project will put more premium on the human resource development through the creation of Regional Centres for the Teaching of French in the newly-created regions.

He said it was crucial for Ghana and France to continue to build on the successes of the past, as the two countries seek to deepen friendship, and added that “may Ghana’s quest to improve herself as a learning nation include the teaching and learning of French for the benefit of our people.’’