Ex-National Treasurer of NPP asks Ghanaians to read Anyidoho’s ‘Guns Over Kigali’

Former National Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Madam Gifty Ayeh, says that it was important for Ghanaians to read General Henry Kwami Anyidoho’s book, Guns Over Kigali.

‘’Reading the book will enable every single Ghanaian to choose peace over any other form of conflict, as it talks about what happened during the tribal war in Rwanda,’’ she said.

According to her, the book written by the ex-military officer, who witnessed events in that country would serve as guide to all Ghanaians in dealing with one another, be it in politics or other endeavours.

In an interview with The Inquisitor yesterday, Madam Ayeh, said that the details in Guns Over Kigali were chilling that anyone with unclean mind would change after reading it.

‘’Sometimes I listen to people speak on radio and other platforms and I get confused [and] weak because of what I read in that book,’’ she said.

Madam Ayeh said: ‘’my appeal is simple, we should embrace peace over any other [thing] in private, public and national discourses, because peace is priceless.’’