Electrochem Ghana Magnifies Ada


Electrochem Ghana Limited, the company legitimately mining salt in the Ada area has commenced construction works on Community pans for residents around the Songor Lagoon to make residents part of the project.

The development of the Songor lagoon has been leased to Electrochem Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of McDan Group of companies, for 15years through parliamentary ratification.

Although the construction of pans for residents is not in the agreement, Mr. Daniel Mackorley, owner of McDan Group of companies believes that the community pans will make the residents feel part of the project and that it is a necessity.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Mackorley said, the 12 pans which will serve Nakomkorpe and its environs will be completed in one week and will serve as the Agbakpe; portion from which those communities win their salts.

These community pans when completed will stretch across the length and breadth of the Songor lagoon for the ‘atsiakpo’ making communities.

He said: “A lot of investment has been made into this project but I will make sure we finish with the community pans before beginning our project itself”.

Mr. Mackorley emphasized that Electrochem Ghana Limited was ready to work with everyone in and outside Ada to ensure that the Songor lagoon project succeeds.

“Our doors are open to everybody for business and I’m also going to empower 10,000 women who cannot work in the Songor in life skill works, to sustain them,” he said.

The Warlord of the Adibiawer clan, Asafoatsengua Buertey Okumko Obuampong IV, who was part of the delegates from the traditional leaders who went with the committee to inspect the pans, expressed excitement and asked indigenes to cooperate with the elders and Electrochem in the venture, since they cannot sit aloof as elders and watch an investor destroy the only source of livelihood for the communities.

Some chiefs, elders and members from the area were excited over what they saw and hope it is completed as early as possible so they can start winning the salt from the pans, to make a living.

They congratulated the Traditional rulers for the bold decision and called on other communities to cooperate for the success of the project so they can all benefit.