Education Ministry ‘Saves’ Students

Minister of Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Education has rolled out new strategies that will ensure that teaching and learning go on, although schools at all levels have been closed down.

According to the Minister of Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, teaching and learning via online and other traditional media have been rolled out on various platforms for all levels of education in the country.

He said: ‘’The Ministry of Education is working in collaboration with the ministries of Information and Communications to get students very active in learning as schools are closed down.’’

Dr. Prempeh, who was briefing the media at an encounter to update Ghanaians on the COVID-19, said that adequate learning and teaching materials were available for pupils and students at all levels.

The minister said that the ministry was mindful of the fact that not all school pupils and students would be able to access the online teaching and learning so the traditional media have been roped in.

‘’The UNESCO mindful of break in education because of COVID-19 came out with certain steps which Ghana took advantage of to help students,’’ he said.

Dr. Prempeh announced that the closure of schools, both private and public, was total, adding ‘’all schools within Ghana have been closed down.’’

‘’Any head that will keep a school open does so at his or her own risk,’’ he warned.

The education minister revealed that almost all sectors under the ministry were involved in designing teaching and learning contents for pupils and students, as schools remain closed.

‘’We are guiding what is broadcast on radio, TV and online for pupils and students who are presently at home,’’ he assured

He said: “We have issued out password to icampus, which is very interactive and there are open educational resources available for free.’’

‘’The university students will have portal with Open University resources to help them,’’ he said.

‘’There are lots of resources from the British Open University system which is the best in the whole world,’’ he added.

Dr. Prempeh said that the COVID-19 was an eye-opener that would afford the ministry the opportunity to, for instance, increase the intake for universities by some 30,000 students in the future.


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