Commentary!: The Warp Thinking Of NPP ‘Errand Boys’


The setting up of various political parties, apart from the recognized structures, is evolving with time because of the thinking that politics is all about numbers.

The two main parties in Ghana, namely the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), over the years, have come out with groupings within their parties, some with clout, others with little or no influence.

There is an emerging group in the political space who are more or less errand boys because they do not have any defined roles apart from engaging in various activities to catch the eye of the political heavyweights.

The errand boys in the NPP are forcing to create huge space for themselves in order to peddle influence in the party.

In that attempt, some young people are virtually becoming idiots with a thinking that because they have access to some top officials of the party and government, they should be treated same as the top officials.

The NPP errand boys are virtually young men, who otherwise do not have any weight in the scheme of affairs, but for the fact that they have access to some gurus in government and in the party.

With time, they have developed the growing sense of over importance to the extent that some of them think that government appointees should take instructions from them.

The refusal of government officials to do the bidding of the weightless elements has led to the plotting of evil agenda against them to create disaffection within the corridors of the NPP and government.

Government appointees who are attacked without any proper reasons are all the machinations of errand boys who are always chasing attention with their warp thinking that they play some important roles in the NPP and the government.

Some weak thinking government officials and appointees have kowtowed to the whims and caprices of these scumbags such that they decide what the appointees should do in their offices and who they should associate with.

In the estimation of the NPP errand boys, they deserve all the good things in the party more than the grassroots that did the hard work for the NPP to capture power in 2016.

So nauseating are the errand boys with some of them working as journalists and radio presenters that they attack people who expose wrongs on the part of the government.

They are quick to jump on various platforms to hurl insults at others without considering the fact that they were creating disaffection for the very party that they professed to love more than the people who founded the entity.

In the weird thinking of the NPP errand boys, the NPP, the government and Ghana should always stop for them to pass before others would have chance to move on with life.

What is amazing is the fact that the bigwigs within the NPP and the government are fully aware of the tomfoolery of the errand boys, but are scared to call them to order for the fear of incurring their wrath.

Be that as it may, it is time for somebody to tell those elements with no address within the corridors of the NPP and the government that their noisy posturing is creating a huge mess for the party and the government.


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