Commentary! Shameless, Hypocritical And Dishonest Politics With Death Of Rawlings


The unexpected death of Ghana’s former President, Jerry John Rawlings, last Thursday in Accra that threw the country and beyond into a state of mourning has virtually become a political springboard for some people to score cheap points.

Certain politicians feel that it was time to show the man, they saw as a tyrant and dictator, their unalloyed loyalty and love.

In what could be a clear game plan to make the whole world believe that the late President was loved by some persons in government today more than those in the very party he played a significant role in forming, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the role he played in that party has not been mentioned in any of the government communications in connection with his death.

After the NDC delegation, led by former President John Dramani Mahama, had called on the immediate family of the late former President and were directed to the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) as where the Book of Condolence could be signed, they got to the place only to be told that the book had been taken away from where they were to sign and that it will be brought back today.

It is obvious that the whole thing was done to spite the former President and the NDC officials that visited the Rawlings’ family.

Then came a journalist with Metro TV, Paul Adom-Otchere, with a weird analysis of how the wife of the late former President, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, could use the demise of her late husband as a tool against the NDC.

In the estimation of Mr. Adom-Otchere, Mrs. Rawlings could go out and tell Ghanaians how the NDC badly treated the family and that would not be good for John Mahama’s electoral fortunes.

As a matter of fact, the analysis of the Metro TV host was disjointed and lacked focus, as discourses after that analysis are clear that there was no need for that weird game from Mr. Adom-Otchere, unless it was for a purpose that his viewers did not know.

Persons who are honest and factual about what they knew about the late President have been attacked, insulted and vilified, for being part of the hypocrites who denigrated the former President in time past and are today behaving they love him more than others.

The newly-elected president of the National House of Chiefs, Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi, for instance, could not have spoken about the death of the former President without engaging in what could be described best as utterances of a political party foot soldier.

What happens to the NDC after the death of the NDC founder should not be the headache of a traditional ruler of the calibre of the Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi; instead, how the death of the former President would bring peace and unity among Ghanaians should be his concern.

However, his position should be understood, as it plays to the advantage of the party that the president of the National House of Chief loves so much, should the NDC be disintegrated after the death of former President Rawlings.

The death of former President Rawlings has brought to the fore how shameless, hypocritical, dishonest and incongruous some politicians in Ghana could be, all in the name of scoring political points.

Not too long ago, some of the people who are crying more than the bereaved saw the former President as their number one enemy, and went all out to make sure that all that the ex-military officer/politician achieved on the political terrain were washed away.

He was called names and was harassed, all in the name of making him unpopular, and by extension to obliterate the political party he was associated with; but, today, former President Rawlings is/was their beloved friend whom they never wished bad.

People who were touted super-experienced in politics have become barefaced because they are so desperate for political power that they see the death of former President Rawlings as a windfall for their political pursuit.