Commentary: In search of non-existing mud to pelt Dr. Prempeh

The discourses involving the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and Aker/AGM deal are getting interesting with mischievous elements leading the charge.

For the real issues involved in the deal seem to have been side-lined, and deliberate attempts being pursued just to make certain personalities look terribly bad in the whole deal.

Issues of ‘Who did what, where and when’, have been the permutations of persons, especially, those within the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); as they dig deep hoping to fault some government officials who may have once played and or still playing legitimate roles in the exercise.

The narratives, however, changed when it became evidently clear that some CSOs’ officials have been bribed by some of the companies involved in the deal.

The Ministry of Energy and by extension, its Minister Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, have been the prime target with behind-the-scene moves and aspersions to impugn wrong doings to them.

Interestingly, though, the CSOs and other stakeholders are fully aware that as a minister, Dr. Opoku-Prempeh did the honourable thing, by going to Parliament with the deal after obtaining the needed backing from Cabinet.

It is instructive to know, again, that the Parliamentary Select Committee on Mines and Energy is made of persons with deep knowledge in the energy sector, and would not just allow any wrongdoing to fester in the name of Ghana.

The attempt to look for ‘trouble’ for the minister who is noted for hardworking and diligence, started far long at his days as the Minister of Education.

His ministry was combed severally just to look for dirt against him; but as much as they did, those who doing the grubby game failed, and, were conversely forced to do hatched jobs, which also crumbled with time.

The Energy Ministry and, for that matter, its minister has been overly transparent in the GNPC, Aker/AGM affairs and it would be fruitless for any individual or group, to be able to fault that outfit and the man in charge.

If for any reason, the Ministry of Energy and the minister would not be applauded for sending the deal to Parliament for scrutiny; there should not also be deliberate attempts to throw mud at him.

Those who have been caught to have compromised themselves, should be made to carry their burden and leave the minister out of their dirty machinations, as he is not ready to dent his image in his line of duty.

The mode of search – for wrongdoings in the GNPC, Aker/AGM deal will amount to nothing, because as far as the Ministry of Energy and the sector minister, Dr. Prempeh are concerned, the right thing was done, nothing more, nothing less.

It simply an unprofitable venture to look out for non-existing mud to pelt Dr. Prempeh with, as far as the GNPC, Aker/AGM deal is concerned.