Commentary! : Dr. Kwesi Etuaful: Politics Is Not For Boys

Dr. Rashid Kwesi Etuaful

As December 7, 2020 fast approaches, the political terrain is becoming more interesting and some things that could not be ruled out from the whole competition are persons who will be used for comic relief.

Although they are scrambling for positions, be it Presidential or Parliamentary, they appear not to know why they are into the whole race.

Surprisingly, Dr. Rashid Kwesi Etuaful, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary candidate for the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam Constituency in the Central Region, in the past weeks, has managed to convince people he is among the comic group who do not appear to know why they are contesting in the elections.

The candidate may have a solid academic background, but his political communication is so terrible that he has made the whole world to come to know that he is ‘Mummy’s Boy’ who entered politics to make his mother happy.

In Dr. Etuaful’s own words, it was never his intention to contest for elections as an MP, but it was his mother who prevailed on him to be in the contest.

He went further to state that ‘’I was there one day when my mother came to me and said she had a dream that I have been elected as the Member of Parliament for Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam Constituency in the Central Region.’’

It is very interesting and shocking for a whole PHD holder to enter politics with this kind of mentality because from what he is saying he is in the race by default and not for any scientific reason.

With the position of Dr. Etuaful, it is clear that he is not prepared for the political business and cannot therefore do anything better for the people.

He has an impressive record of helping the people of the area, but he is just somebody the constituents could not rely on because he was not prepared for the job but was pushed into the race by his mother’s dream.

The handlers of Dr. Etuaful would do him a huge favour if he is advised against jumping into the fray to grant interviews anytime he gets the opportunity because he exposes himself too much.

His politicking, by all standards, is devoid of attacks and insults, but he is a ‘boy’ and politics is not for boys but men, because it is a tough game that requires independent-minded people.

The constituency executives of the NPP at Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam and the entire campaign team have a huge task to groom and prepare Dr. Etuaful towards the December 7, 2020 Parliamentary elections, because if they should allow him to do things on his own, he would not be able to market himself and the NPP in the area.

The party elders in the area should tell Dr. Etuaful the truth that the political terrain is for men and not Mummy’s Boy.

He should be able to convince the electorate that he would not be pushed around by his mother, because, per what he said, he could easily leave the people of Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam mid-sea should his mother ask him to do.

The NPP candidate would do him and his party good if he undergoes serious political communication tutorials because his utterances are too playful and babyish; no wonder he is in the race because his mother asked him to do so.