COMMENTARY: Attacks On Cecilia Dapaah Are Unfair

Cecilia Abena Dapaah

The Water and Sanitation Minister, Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah, has in the past two days become the object of insulting mouths on various traditional and social media platforms because of her claim that Accra is about 85% clean.

The minister, who, in a small way, has authentic information from her technical team, would not have made the pronouncement out of nothing.

Although, the situation on the ground does not match up with what the minister asserted, it is absolutely wrong for her to be insulted as it happened.

The whole idea of insulting politicians when there are disagreements with their position is not the best for the country’s development.

The minister might be wrong in her assessment of what has been achieved as regards the cleanliness of the nation’s capital is concerned, but that should have rather generated better and constructive discourses, instead of subjecting her to insults.

Cleanliness and waste-handling in Accra and other regional capitals have been a huge problem on the country’s neck and it is time for proper ways to be fashioned out to deal with the ugly situation.

The minister, just like any other public office holder, needs help, and it will not be out of place for those insulting her to rather come out with ideas that would help her outfit to clean Accra and other cities well.

This whole of idea of people insulting, all in the name of democracy, is one of the things destroying the forward-march of the nation Ghana.

The minister might not be a saint, as she might have also been involved in casting aspersions all in the name politics, but that should not warrant attacks on her for stating something that others do not believe is true.

The time has come for a decent approach to be used in dealing with discourses in times that the claims of office holders may not be the situation on the ground.

The issue of filth in Accra and the other regional capitals is not in the best shape and that must be the source of concern to all and sundry and not attacks on the minister.

If not for anything, Madam Dapaah has proved beyond reasonable doubt that she knows what her ministry is about and has offered a good account of herself, if not at any time, but the COVID-19 era.

The minister needs to be pushed to do more and in the event she falters, her wrongs should be pointed out to her without fear, but must be devoid of insults.