CMC Boss Is Naked

-Cocoa Coys Lock Horns With Joe Forson

Mr. Joseph Forson, CMC managing director

The Managing Director of Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC), a subsidiary of COCOBOD, has been entangled in a situation that cannot be different from Conflict of Interest and Abuse of Office.

Mr. Joseph Forson, also known as Joe Forson, is twisting the arms of cocoa processing companies to deal with a company he is associated with for all their freight-forwarding and haulage activities.

Mr. Forson has links with AMP Logistics Ghana Limited, the company he is more or less forcing the cocoa processing companies to be dealing with.

As a matter of fact, The Inquisitor has gleaned communication from the CMC to the companies that purchase cocoa beans from it to be dealing with AMP Logistics.

Search on particulars of AMP Logistics Ghana Limited from the Registrar General’s Department revealed one Joseph Forson, believed to be the CMC managing director, is a director of the logistics company located at the TemaFreezone Enclave.

Other directors of AMP Logistics Ghana Limited are Ruby Forson, Mabel Baah and Robert Amartey.

Robert Amartey has some 1,000,000 shares in the company, which was incorporated on January 29, 2015 and commenced its operations on that same date.

It is not clear whether Mr. Joe Forson had stepped aside as a director of AMP Logistics or not.

Per the laws of Ghana, it is illegal for a public servant to have direct interest in a private entity.

It is also not clear whether or not Mr. Forson had alerted the Board of Directors of CMC of his interest in AMP Logistics Ghana Limited.

What has brought the tango between the CMC and the cocoa companies is the fact that most of them find the posture of the managing director strange, as almost all of them have a better system of working on their freight and haulage affairs.

Companies that purchase beans from the CMC include WAMCO, Olam, Plot, Tuton,Afrotropical and Zamax.

The rest are BDA, Chocomax, Niche, Cargil and Cocoa Processing Company (CPC).

What is creating furore among the cocoa companies is the fact that some of them have acceded to the pressure from the CMC boss to deal with the company he is linked with.

Those companies are scared of being targeted by the CMC, as has been the practice in recent times.

With most of the companies being expatriate ones, tongues are wagging among the stakeholders in the cocoa processing industry as to why things would be done in that manner.

The cocoa companies, The Inquisitor gathered, have alerted some powerful forces within the cocoa sector about what they are going through in the hands of the CMC.

The Inquisitor cannot independently ascertain whether or not the companies have put their anger and frustrations into writing to authorities above Mr. Joe Forson.

Trucks procured by some of the companies at very huge costs for haulage purposes are virtually useless, as they are forced to engage the services of AMP Logistics.

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Source: The Inquisitor


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