Clearing Agents In Forgery At Tema Port Over Luxurious Vehicles


Some Freight Forwarders (Clearing Agents) operating at the Tema Harbour have been caught in creepy deals that supersede fraud in connection with clearing of plush vehicles.

To cover their dirty dealings, they have managed to clone documents belonging to the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to make things look as if it was rather the state revenue officers who are involved in some kind of wrongdoings.

The Freight Forwarders had managed to generate fictitious documentation on the clearing of some plush vehicles with claims that the vehicles were in transit to other neighbouring countries.

It is suspected that most of the fake documentations were generated at Navrongo in the Upper East Region.

At the centre of one those grimy deals is one Ernest Boateng, popularly called ‘Alinko,’ who is the chief executive officer of Royal Nesta Company Limited.

He has been named in the weird clearance of two Lexus vehicles at ridiculous figures at the time there were issues bordering on ICUMS system.

After ‘Alinko’ had cleared the two cars, Lexus LX 570 and GX 460, paying some little over GHC26,000, documents were forged to the effect that the vehicles were bought at auctioned prices, something that was just done to smear top officials of the Customs Division of the GRA.

The two vehicles arrived in Ghana in June, 2020.

More than GHC160,000 goes into the clearing of Lexus LX570.

Per the fictitious documentations on the two Lexus vehicles, the cars that arrived in the country in 2020 were rather auctioned in 2019.

There is another fictitious documentation on a first class Cadillac Escalade 4×4 vehicle that was cleared at GHc16,000, something that is far below what is required to clear such vehicles.

A Range Rover vehicle SW which was also cleared at GHC16,100 at the time the ICUMS system was going through huge challenges.

It is instructive to know that the vehicles, especially the two Lexus , have been parked because of the fear that the Customs Division of the GRA will impound them.

Modus of Operation

The crook Clearing Agents after succeeding in clearing the cars have managed to design some fake auction slips to make the cars appear to be auctioned vehicles.

The fake documents, if not properly scrutinized, will convince persons without requisite knowledge in clearing activities that they are genuine.

It is believed that the clearing agents were able to hoodwink the owners of the vehicles into believing that those fake documents were genuine.

With the fake documents, they have nearly succeeded in dragging some officials of the Customs Division of the GRA into their dealings, something that has backfired because of the features of their fake documents.

Phone Call To Mr. Boateng (Alinko)

When The Inquisitor contacted Mr. Boateng, one of the Freight Forwarders whose name popped up in the clearing of the two controversial Lexus vehicles, he admitted having something to do with them.

According to him, he ‘fronted’ for the Clearing Agent who cleared, but he could not tell The Inquisitor the manner he ‘fronted’ for the agent.

“It was not my company that cleared the vehicles, but I fronted for the agent to get the cars cleared after the owner contacted me to have the vehicles cleared,’’ he said via mobile phone this Wednesday.

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