-Video, Audio Of Deputy D-G Circulating Among Staff


A huge sex scandal has hit the corridors of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) head office in Accra.

A Deputy Director General (name withheld) has been caught on video bonking someone in his office. The video lasts some one minute and 19 seconds.

The Deputy Director, whose face is clear in the video, could be seen murmuring certain words that could hardly be understood because of the displeasure from the act.

There are rumours within the confines of SSNIT that the lady in the video is a National Service person.

That Deputy Director comes from a family with top brass politicians in both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Apart from the video, which has been watched by The Inquisitor, the same Deputy Director of SSNIT has been caught on tape engaging another female in a wild sexy and naughty conversation.

The conversation also lasted for some 12 minutes, and per what The Inquisitor has been told, it involved a lady who was employed by SSNIT just around the time the sex craze Deputy General was employed at the state pension outfit.

It is suspected that an insider with foreknowledge about how that particular Deputy Director General was shagging women in his office planted a device to video-tape his act with the lady in the video.

The young lady in the video is said to be a graduate of one of Ghana’s public universities and completed in 2018.

The lady, whose voice was captured on the audio, is reported to have become overly disrespectful because of her ‘sexcapes’ with the said Deputy Director General.

Both the video and audio recordings are circulating among staff of SSNIT within and outside the head office.

The staff are somehow happy that the video and audio are circulating because office romance involving the said Deputy Director General was becoming too many.

What is not clear is whether the Director General and the Board of Directors are aware of the video and audio or not.

The Inquisitor has gathered amorous relationship among junior staff and top officials is very common at SSNIT.

The paper was told of how some other top men are involved in the unholy act.