AUCC launches Association of Visual Communication Students


The African University College of Communication (AUCC) has launched the Association of Visual Communication Students in Accra to encourage the students to network to promote their common goal.

Mr Mendard Hope Zodanu, the Vice President of the Association, expressed the hope that it would encourage more students to take up the course, up to level 300, to create employment opportunities and help preserve the country’s history through photography.

The course model includes Graphic Design, Photography, TV Production, and Video Documentary.

Mr Zodanu said the Association went through stakeholder discussions with the University authorities and pledged to abide by the rules and regulations of the School.

Madam Teresa Meka, a Documentary Photographer, advised the students to develop photography skills in addition to their chosen courses to make them competitive.

“Photography is important and is something we use to preserve things that are happening as time changes. It is good for documentation, reference and the preservation of history,” she added.

She said Photography was practical and urged the students to learn about it online to discover some tips about the programme.

She advised them to make use of the resources available to them and do something beneficial to inspire others.




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