Anytime I drop a ‘heat song’ it’s credited to a so called songwriter-Wendy Shay

Singer, Wendy Shay, has expressed concern about how Ghanaians rate her low when it comes to her talent.

The artiste is upset and pained that more often, her talent is rated low because people are quick to credit others with her songs even when she writes them especially when they become hits.

Wendy Shay who has many hit songs does not understand why most of her female colleagues, have songwriters assisting in their career but when they make hits, they are given the credit and not their songwriters but the reverse is the case when it comes to her.

According to her, any time she comes out with a “Heat song”, it is credited “to the so called songwriter”.

“Almost every female artiste in Ghana has a songwriter but nobody really cares who writes for them but anytime Wendy Shay drops a Heat Song they want to credit everything to the so called songwriter. Ghana wake up!” she tweeted.