Amewu Melts Hearts -With Development Projects, Strong Human Relations


The face of politics is changing at Hohoe in the Volta Region because of Mr. John Peter Amewu, Minister of Energy, who is the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary candidate for the area.

Popularly called (‘JP) or ‘Efo Peter’, the candidate is melting the hearts of the constituents with how he is unifying the area, irrespective of political ideological differences.

In the diction of Mr. Amewu, the development of Hohoe and the welfare of the people come before the political interest of anyone.

It is on that score that long before he planned to contest for the seat, he went out of his way to initiate development projects and programmes for the area.

A ground-breaking project initiated by Mr. Amewu was the move to have an artificial football pitch at Hohoe.

The project has a park size of 105×68 metres, and is expected to have floodlights, over 2000-seating capacity, multi-purpose court, children playground, special volleyball court, washrooms and changing rooms.

The Astro Turf project will help nurture talents in the area for the years to come.

Mr. Amewu, in his discourses, has promised to ensure both physical and human development in the Hohoe area.

Streetlights are becoming very common at every nook and cranny of the Hohoe Constituency because of the NPP Parliamentary candidate, as almost all towns and villages could boast of lights.

Scholarships for some pupils and students at all levels of the educational ladder have been provided by Mr. Amewu with money worth several thousands of Ghana Cedis.

One thing that is becoming the weapon for Mr. Amewu to defeat other aspirants interested in becoming MP for Hohoe is his strong human relations that cut across the political divide.

So good and strong is his human relation that persons belonging to other political parties, apart from the NPP, feel comfortable going to him with their problems because they are assured of getting help from him.

In all his political dealings at Hohoe, Mr. Amewu has had decent discourses devoid of attacks, insults and insinuations.

All that he does is to seek the development of Hohoe which he believes could do its best when he is elected as the MP for the area.


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