Akwatia GCD Hospital In Comatose …Facility In Darkness Over Electricity Bills


The Great Consolidated Diamond (GCD) Hospital at the hub of the diamond-producing town at Akwatia in the Eastern Region, which serves thousands of people, is in comatose.

The hospital is so highly indebted to the electricity providers that it has been disconnected from the national grid.

At present, the hospital relies on a generator and even with that it is finding it extremely difficult to raise funds to procure fuel to power it.

Patients on admission sleep in darkness and doctors at the hospital cannot work on emergency cases after certain times in the evening.

Within the hospital in darkness, security of staff and patients is not assured, as miscreants can enter and exit the hospital with ease.

According to sources who spoke with The Inquisitor, the health facility is in a calamitous financial situation because of the huge debt owed it by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).

The hospital is struggling to procure essentials,such as drugs.

The Inquisitor gathered that electricity providers, Power Distribution Services (PDS), served notice and warning to the hospital before it was disconnected.

At press time yesterday, the hospital was still in darkness.

The sources told The Inquisitor that patients were turned away because of the current situation of no electricity at the hospital.

According to the sources, treatment of patients was actually becoming difficult as there are no funds to procure fuel for the standby generator.

The sources told the paper that the hospital has written numerous letters to the NHIA to redeem part of the indebtedness, but nothing has been done.

For now, handlers of the hospital have thrown their hands in despair, as they donot know when the NHIA will settle part of its debt to get the place running properly to serve the thousands of patients.

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