Academic Fraud At GRA -Commissioner Caught

Professor Stephen Adei

One of the Commissioners at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been caught in Academic Fraud for claiming to have a qualification that the person does not have.

The person (name withheld for now) is said to have presented an American University certificate, as well as an MA degree he claimed to have obtained, but checks by the relevant state institutions to confirm that person’s status at the GRA proved the person did not attend the stated university.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GRA, Professor Stephen Adei, is fully aware of the colossal fraud at the entity he presides over.

The said GRA top official was plugged to the state tax outfit by certain huge forces within the current government without the necessary background checks.

Per the GRA structure, a Commissioner is a Senior Revenue Collector and the basic requirement for such officers is a Second Degree.

The GRA Board is reported to have written to the seat of government, as well as the Ministry of Finance, about the fraud by the Commissioner.

What is making the whole situation ugly is the fact that appointments of Commissioners are political and the fraud at the GRA puts eggs on the face of government for making someone with a questionable resume a Commissioner.

There are trepidations that firing the Commissioner with the fake credentials would spark commotion within the corridors of power, as the appointment would be seen largely as an act of indiscretion on the part of the appointing authority.

There is disquiet within the walls of the GRA as it is obvious that the system is protecting the Commissioner who concocted the academic credentials.

The Inquisitor is reliably informed that certain officers are challenging the said Commissioner’s status because of the academic fraud.

What is fascinating is the fact that the Commissioner with questionable academic credentials is the loudest among all the commissioners and is consistently having issues with other top officials of the GRA.

That Commissioner also has history of attacking junior officers of the GRA verbally.